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Welcome to the Seeley Lake Woodstove Changeout Program

Our Goal… Cleaner air means better health for everyone!

The Seeley Lake Woodstove Changeout program's goal is to demonstrate that newer, cleaner technology in woodstove design, combined with proper stove operation and use of dry fuel, can result in a clean, locally-sourced, sustainable heat source that saves people time and money while reducing air pollution.

Specifically, we seek to replace 154 non-EPA certified woodstoves in Seeley Lake and replace those stoves with EPA certified wood stoves and pellet stoves. New stoves are more efficient and take about a third less wood to heat the same space. This means less work, expense, and wood for the stove user. It also ensures homes are up to code, and helps improve property values. By replacing these stoves, we can clean up Seeley Lake's air while providing efficient heating solutions to residents in the community.

The grant from the USFS and Glacierland RC&D, plus additional funding, provides $1,500 - 2,700 towards a new stove and installation. Funds are available immediately for residents in the Phase I, II, and part of phase III areas (see map). Households may offset the price of a new stove further by taking advantage of the Montana state tax credit. When included with discounts promised by our participating vendors, eligible Seeley Lake residents will be able to transition from old, inefficient woodstoves to new devices at little to no cost, depending on funding availability. The program ends in December of 2013. As of May, 2013, approximately 110 stoves have been changed out.

Seeley Lake is located in the beautiful Swan Valley of Western Montana.